Google Reader will be retired in June 2013

It’s a bit of a shock to hear that Google Reader will be retired in June 2013, how will we keep up to date with all the news from niche areas of the internet?! Why are they doing this? It turns out that the usage has been in decline since it’s launch in 2005… not by me humph! In fact they say it still has a loyal following, well why shut it down then? Why not give it a refresh and remarket it? Google say there is an option to export your subscriptions that will be rolled out over the next 4 months but, this is only an export and not an alternative. What will replace the option to search and subscribe to keywords and get email updates on those new bits of content that flow through the internet? Sad times in my opinion!
Read all about it on The official blog
Export your existing subscriptions with Google Takeout

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