How to spot bad seo practices

Published: 30 July 2014

I was asked recently to run an audit on a prospective client’s website and what I discovered quite frankly shocked me! The local web company has been established for many years and I’ve been aware of them for a long time and to be honest it’s not something I would expect from them. I’m not going to […]

Update: 30 July 2014

Voice search is changing the landscape of search

Published: 31 October 2013

Voice search is changing the landscape of search queries and Google are taking this into serious consideration, which is why, in my opinion, responsive is becoming even more important when it comes to SEO as most mobiles had voice search before desktop did. Hand in hand with location services this makes it even more interesting […]

Update: 31 October 2013

Why do I need a responsive website – better SEO

Published: 11 October 2013

Why do I need a responsive website? Well simply because it is better for SEO. In the early days (pre 2010) before Ethan Marcotte’s article on responsive website design, the solution for mobile devices was to serve up a separate website just for mobile devices. This would mean that a single website would have to be split […]

Update: 11 October 2013

How to tell if a website is responsive

Published: 9 October 2013

Ok I know this sounds like a dumb article to write but it still amazes me how little website owners know and understand. It’s ok for developers and designers to know all this stuff but there are some people out there that just don’t get it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it can […]

Update: 9 October 2013

Happy Birthday Google, what is Hummingbird?

Published: 29 September 2013

Google turned 15 years old last week and a day before the birthday celebrations started they announced the rolling out of Hummingbird which was in-fact rolled out a month before their birthday. What is Hummingbird? Hummingbird is an algorithmic search update that’s been designed to deliver more complex search results in a quicker way. In short […]

Update: 29 September 2013

How to get creative with Google, SEO and Social

Published: 6 June 2013

So you’ve arrived here to find out how to get creative with Google, SEO and Social? Well here’s the killer question, does anyone really know how? My theory is no, not really! We are constantly bombarded with do this, do that and before you really know it you’re deep into expensive stat subscriptions, analytic monitoring, […]

Update: 6 June 2013

Google Reader will be retired in June 2013

Published: 14 March 2013

It’s a bit of a shock to hear that Google Reader will be retired in June 2013, how will we keep up to date with all the news from niche areas of the internet?! Why are they doing this? It turns out that the usage has been in decline since it’s launch in 2005… not […]

Update: 14 March 2013

Google’s new Disavow links in Webmaster Tools

Published: 17 October 2012

Matt Cutts announces Google’s new Disavow links in Webmaster Tools. This has been a little hot drama and has been a long time coming for some SEO’s in the industry. This tool will allow webmasters to have more control over poor links back to their site, links that might have a negative effect on your sites SEO. […]

Update: 17 October 2012

SEO advice

Published: 19 September 2012

Someone recently asked me if I could recommend a reliable offsite SEO company, my short answer was no! I’ve never found a reliable partner to work with as yet, not to say there aren’t any just that I haven’t found one. Queue quick tip, here’s a bit of SEO advice for you… A bad offsite SEO company […]

Update: 19 September 2012

One way to counteract Google’s Panda

Published: 24 April 2012

Everyone should know about Google’s Panda updates by now. They’ve been rolling out periodically for the last 12 months or more. For a majority of websites the number 1 priority is to get indexed regularly and get good ranking in Google’s search engine results. Did you know that if your website is on a shared […]

Update: 24 April 2012