Google’s new Disavow links in Webmaster Tools

Matt Cutts announces Google’s new Disavow links in Webmaster Tools. This has been a little hot drama and has been a long time coming for some SEO’s in the industry. This tool will allow webmasters to have more control over poor links back to their site, links that might have a negative effect on your sites SEO.

Beware though that this is an advanced tool and should be used with caution, its for power users and not everyone needs to use it. The most important thing to know is that a disavow – to tell Google to re-evaluate and possibly disallow the link – will take weeks to process, to undo a disavow will take much longer. You don’t want to be disavowing those links that you think are poor when in fact they could be good so, be careful!

After having a quick squint in Webmaster Tools I can’t see any direct link to it as yet however, you can get to it from the official Google blog.

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