New Square One website launched

It seems a bit lame to announce a soft launch of a website especially when it’s your own but hey, I’m pretty stoked about getting it out there. There are a few bits that need to be polished off, but for the most part its functional and the minor details are probably only apparent to the seasoned perfectionist like @danfast who I’m obviously grateful to for pointing out some minor issues. When you work for yourself it’s easy to miss some of those little things that slip through the net. That’s the reason for soft launching I guess.

Without going any further it would be rude not to mention some of the folks who have helped during this process. For the last 3 or 4 years, much to the dismay of the boss, I’ve always tried to keep the Square One website fresh in the zeitgeist of current trends. Usually its an annual thing with a new design in January, this year it’s been late to deliver due to client work taking priority, however I got there in the end!

This year it’s big, flat, responsive, simple and no vignettes…..sorry vignette lovers!

So without any further ado big thanks to:

@williamsba Brad Williams for educational reading and podcast mentions.

@dremeda Dre Armeda for security and podcasts.

@kovshenin Konstantin Kovshenin because he’s always willing to help.

@AaronJHolbrook Aaron Holbrook for education on hierarchy and custom post types.

@olivernewth Oliver Newth for office banter, introductions and OOP.

@magicroundabout Ross Wintle for twittership, leads, php, WordPress support and much more.

@richard_bell Richard Bell for php, WordPress, instagram and and can always be found on twitter.

@mrkursal for the green hulk lego power and WordPress support.

@justinmunro for php enlightenment on twitter.

@dylanparry Dylan Parry for more php guidance and enlightenment.

@MWSeymour Matt Seymour for heads up and twittership

I have a bigger thanks to @csswizardry (Harry Roberts) but that deserves it’s own post.

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