How to manage multiple WordPress installations?

WordPress needs upgrading because a bug has been fixed or some new features have been release oh, and there’s that favourite plugin you use and you’ve installed it across multiple sites but you can’t actually remember which site it’s on…? Can you imagine having to log in to over 100 sites just to upgrade a single plugin!

No no no, you can’t be doing that! That will take forever and is a complete waste of useful time. So, the solution is to manage all those sites in one place right! Now there are a couple of these products and services around but by far the best is this one. So How to manage multiple WordPress installations?

Well I use InfiniteWP on a different server, this allows me to manage and help my clients upgrade their website from one master location, this includes single click update on plugins and the core of WordPress. I can just choose a single plugin to update or across the whole network of websites that are included in the management area. There’s more, I can backup and restore sites too.

Another really cool feature is the ability to log in straight from the management area, say you needed add a new post or another page of content for your client… Boom! You just locate the site and navigate to Write a new post and away you go without having to open another browser window, when you’ve finished ust close the site in the docking bar and you’re done!


Managing sites in groups is another great feature. Say you have some sites on a basic service level and some on a priority service level, no problem, just group them together and manage them by group  –  this way you can monitor them in smaller batches or on different cycles.


Have any favorite plugins? Another feature is to create your own favourite suite of plugins that you use or you can dive straight into the repository and install them from there directly from the InfinityWP dashboard. Or perhaps you have a single custom plugin that you manage locally? No problem, if you’ve updated it and need to install or update it across multiple sites you can do that from the dashboard too!


There are several other add ons including cloning sites for development, scheduled backups, malware scanners, uptime monitoring and much more! Don’t take my word for it though go check it out for yourselves InfiniteWP

Thanks InfiniteWP you’ve saved me a lot of time and money, probably my bacon on a few occasions too!

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