Why your web designer let you down

Ever wondered why your web designer let you down? Let’s take a few steps back first… So you found a web designer or a consultant and you’ve spoken to them about the brief, you might have even put a documented brief together and the project is underway, you can tick that off your list of things to do, now you sit back and wait!

In your inbox there is an email from the web designer and the website is built, you click the link with excitement but, hang on….. It doesn’t quite look like the flat designs you first saw… hmm, some links don’t work when you click them, you end up clicking so hard on your mouse button in the hope that the harder you click the more likely it is to work but, no it just doesn’t work! The ones that do work just link through to an empty page! hmm, …oh and that link doesn’t even go to the right page! Ok let’s try the contact page… you test the contact page but receive no email notification! You login to the website to make some changes but notice that none of the custom bespoke stuff that was promised exists or it’s so convoluted that you just give up with frustration! At this stage I’m hoping you haven’t paid the invoice or are not on a retainer! Time to consult the web designer to find out what’s going on…!

Now there are a multitude of reasons why your web designer let you down but here are just 10:

  • The web designer was a print designer.
  • The web designer was a consultant who used a third party resource.
  • The web designer used another web designer’s template.
  • The web designer didn’t follow web standards nor cross browser test the finished site.
  • The web designer used a web developer who changed the design
  • The web designer didn’t plan the content with the client
  • The web designer didn’t test the site for any broken links
  • The web designer used a static navigation system that wasn’t dynamic
  • The web designer uses a WYSIWYG editor instead of hand coding
  • The web designer used an online “build your own FREE website” software package

Before you embark on a web design project make sure you know who is in the design chain and what skills or software will be used. Ask if the designer will be working with a developer or if the development is sub contracted out. Make sure the web designer fully understands the brief and what bespoke functionality is required. Make sure milestones are put in place so deadlines can be met. Knowing these basics are fully understood by the web designer will ensure you don’t get let down by your web designer.

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