Voice search is changing the landscape of search

Published: 31 October 2013

Voice search is changing the landscape of search queries and Google are taking this into serious consideration, which is why, in my opinion, responsive is becoming even more important when it comes to SEO as most mobiles had voice search before desktop did. Hand in hand with location services this makes it even more interesting […]

Update: 31 October 2013

Why do I need a responsive website – save money

Published: 11 October 2013

Until just over a few years ago a mobile site would have to be served up on a separate url meaning your business website would be split in to two different sites. This would mean a serious business website would have to be developed twice and that means twice the costs! Only spending money to […]

Update: 11 October 2013

Why do I need a responsive website – user experience

Published: 10 October 2013

Why do I need a responsive website – simple, user experience! The single biggest reason for having a responsive website is to create a better user experience. Mobile users and tablet users browse the web in a different way and the experience of using your website should be treated differently, Mobile users are more likely going […]

Update: 10 October 2013

How to start designing a logo

Published: 10 October 2013

This is probably one of the most frustrating parts of a design journey but can be incredibly rewarding if you get it right. Unfortunately there is no holy grail or solution to this, sometimes it’s just a case of sitting in a dark room and having a ureka moment! One thing is a certainty though […]

Update: 10 October 2013

Why your websites UI is ruining your UX

Published: 29 August 2013

First of all lets explain what UI and UX is. UI is User Interface and UX is User Experience and one without the other is just an impossibility really! Consider the body and the mind. The body’s User Interface are senses; touch, smell, seeing, listening and taste. The body’s User Experience is the mind and […]

Update: 29 August 2013

Why your web designer let you down

Published: 24 August 2013

Ever wondered why your web designer let you down? Let’s take a few steps back first… So you found a web designer or a consultant and you’ve spoken to them about the brief, you might have even put a documented brief together and the project is underway, you can tick that off your list of things […]

Update: 24 August 2013

5 creative portfolio websites

Published: 12 July 2013

Here are 5 creative portfolio websites that I’m actually quite jealous of, there are some very talented designers out there and this is my little tribute to them and their ability. Freshfolio is a sweet little horizontal scrolling website with quirky functionality like the slider that helps to scroll through items. This site has some nice […]

Update: 12 July 2013

Top tips when choosing a designer

Published: 15 February 2013

Not all designers are the same and choosing the right one can be a little daunting so here are some top tips when choosing a designer: Ability Make sure they have the ability to satisfy your needs. Do they use the latest tools and software? Do they have traditional drawing skills. Some designers specialise in a […]

Update: 15 February 2013

Designing for mobile first?

Published: 27 September 2012

I have mixed opinions about this, should you design for mobile first or desktop? I understand the pro’s for mobile first but it’s got it’s pitfalls too in my opinion. I would be interested in your views too so please leave your comments below. So, if we decide we’re going straight in to the browser […]

Update: 27 September 2012

Skill sets between web design and print design

Published: 21 September 2012

Designers today are confronted with many challenges particularly those in transition between the world of print and the world of web. The skill sets between web design and print design are very different and designers considering the transition should be aware of this. Print designers will have developed skills that demand knowledge of CMYK, lithography print techniques […]

Update: 21 September 2012