Business Websites and the Mobile Shift 2014

Business Websites and the Mobile Shift 2014 – Whether you choose to accept it or not the mobile market is more important for business than it ever has been before. In early 2014 the mobile usage of the internet exceeded PC usage making it more important for businesses to exploit responsive websites or web applications than ever.

The internet has always been a busy hub for the general logistics of running a business, be it using for a CRM, CMS, Web Applications, Sales Generators, accessing emails or just catching up with friends on Social Media  – more users are embracing mobile technology as their favoured platform.

It makes a lot of sense really with our busy lifestyles and the multitude of free wifi spots on the increase as to why this monumental shift is taking place. It’s far easier to reach in to your pocket to and sit down in a cafe with coffee or a pub with a pint and research that local supplier before you decide to call or purchase from them. It goes without saying that giving your users a better mobile experience and having a responsive website that is uncluttered, easy to navigate, easy to read and have accessible communication via a simple form or a “call now” action is going to help them make that decision to buy in to your business right?

It’s astonishing that so many businesses haven’t embraced this as users shift to mobile to search, research and making buying decisions on mobile before deciding to hop on to their laptops. Check out some of these statistics on consumers using mobile to access the Web according toFrank N. Magid Associates:

  • 99.5 percent access content/information
  • 63.1 access the Internet
  • 62.1 percent check email
  • 49.2 percent listen to music
  • 46 percent play games
  • 41.7 percent download and use apps
  • 15 percent make purchases
  • 15 percent read a book

And its not during the usual business working hours either:


If you haven’t taken the leap to embrace mobile technology yet for your business then your competitors may well leave you behind. This is a consumer shift and businesses really should no longer consider this as a further phase development or an add on luxury “nice to have”. Your business website and web applications should be responsive if you want to stay ahead of the game –  full stop!

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