WordPress treat for Christmas

How’s about a WordPress treat for Christmas? In the spirit of good will, peace to all men and in the spirit of community sharing we have decided to run a mini site dedicated to WordPress snippets and what better way to do so than with a Christmas Advent Calendar using a WordPress installation.

All the snippets are based on scheduled posts making use of the core WordPress functionality, and are pre-populated so that each day will reveal a new snippet ready for sharing. If you dig this you can subscribe by submitting your email address and you will get the snippet delivered to your inbox daily. Don’t worry we will respect your privacy, this facility is purely for your convenience and not for marketing purposes, rest assured we will not share your email with any third-party. Alternatively you can just keep your eyes on the social channels as we will be sharing them everyday too.

We are really looking forward to WP snippets til Christmas how about you? Leave your comments below.

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