Top tip for your website – Sign Up

Having the functionality on your website for visitors to sign up to your mailing list is an essential way of gathering information about future contacts and warm prospects.

If you don’t do business with them now or next week, at the very least you will have an email address that you can use to contact them. This can be used to send emails, newsletters, inform them of changes in your own business and much more. You never know, ultimately they may end up doing business with you.

You can buy a mailing list of course but, you’ll never know how up to date that list is, by having a sign up on your website at least you will know it is a warm lead. We currently use the latest plugins that keep your mailing list integrated in to the website itself and not through a third party subscription based service like ‘constant contact, vertical response or mail chimp’, this not only keeps things organised in one place it also can save you money!

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