Top tip for your website

Users to your website are very impatient, in 1999 Zona research established an 8 second window to capture a users attention, this means that if your website takes more than 8 seconds to download or they can’t find what they are looking for then they are gone, probably never to be seen again!

With internet speeds increasing, the users patience is decreasing. In 2006 Akamai found this window was reduced by half, that’s 4 seconds!

Now we don’t know about you but, our opinion is that unless you are browsing an e-commerce site for something to buy, playing an online game or interacting with a website by filling out a form etc, you’re probably just looking for a telephone number from a particular website so, it should be visible either on the front page or on every page rather than being buried deep in one or two levels of navigation, on a ‘contact us’ page for instance.

So this top tip is, make it easy for your customers to contact you, put your telephone number in the header of your website so it can be easily seen when a user lands on your website, after all studies have found you only have 4 seconds to engage with them!

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