Out of date website, how old is yours?

How long does it take before you out grow a website?

Or things change so much that you inevitably have to change it anyway to bring it up to date. As with laptops and computers, if the operating system and the software are so up to date that they can’t cope with the demand then you have to upgrade the hardware!

Upgrades are syonymous with websites too in my opinion. Some of the sites I built 3 years ago are starting to become out of date. In fact (much to the dismay of my partner) I like to update our own website at least every 12 months, now some might say that’s a bit excessive and maybe it is but that’s just the way I roll because, a bit like doing a spring clean I guess, it allows me to use new technology like HTML5 and CSS3.

Responsive web design is one thing on the list right now. I have to ask myself questions like; Does my website cater for new mobile and tablet devices like the iPad? Gone are the days of viewing a website on a 800×600 monitor or possibly using a 960px framework. After using the 960px grid principle recently, a client viewed the development on a super wide monitor and asked if it could be much wider! I tried to explain that not everybody has a monster monitor like his! Mobile devices especially come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important that my website is optimised for the array of differing sizes.

Is my website fully optimised for all the major search engines?

Onsite seo structure hasn’t really changed but one thing is certain and that is that Google loves new and fresh content. As for offsite SEO – no one really knows what Google does with it’s algorithms to give weight from one website to another but the introduction of Google Plus means the world of SEO may well be changing. One thing that is a given is that anything +1’d with a canonical url will certainly get the upper hand over content without a canonical url.

Google gives it’s users the option to choose what type of content they like by clicking +1 buttons and sharing it with their own Google Plus network. +1 is just like the Facebook ‘Like’ button, if anything is +1’d it goes straight into the stream and it’s been suggested that it will go towards scoring in the organic ranking algorithm.  This could negate the old technique of getting ‘backlinks’. Search results for Google Plus users and non Google Plus users that get found could be in direct co-relation to the content that is +1’d or liked.

Is 12 months too excessive to upgrade an out of date website? How old is your website?

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