How to get creative with Google, SEO and Social

Published: 6 June 2013

So you’ve arrived here to find out how to get creative with Google, SEO and Social? Well here’s the killer question, does anyone really know how? My theory is no, not really! We are constantly bombarded with do this, do that and before you really know it you’re deep into expensive stat subscriptions, analytic monitoring, […]

Update: 6 June 2013

Keywords do not make your website rank highly

Published: 4 July 2012

Targeting keywords on your website is pretty important, it tells search engines (Google) what your site is all about but targeting keywords alone will not rank your site higher in Google. In-fact if you stuff targeted keywords and phrases all over a single page without careful consideration for actual human consumption then it could actually […]

Update: 4 July 2012

Out of date website, how old is yours?

Published: 15 September 2011

How long does it take before you out grow a website? Or things change so much that you inevitably have to change it anyway to bring it up to date. As with laptops and computers, if the operating system and the software are so up to date that they can’t cope with the demand then […]

Update: 15 September 2011

WordPress to Facebook

Published: 20 May 2011

Updated Since writing this post things have changed! WordPress to Facebook integration has just become so much easier. Once you go to codex and download this plugin (link at end of this post) all your Facebook integration woes are over… if you dig the whole Facebook thing that is! Lets say you’ve installed the plugin and you have […]

Update: 20 May 2011

Social Media Networking – What Are the Advantages?

Published: 3 September 2010

You’ve seen all the claims of people earning enormous incomes by working a few hours a day in an online business. Perhaps you’ve even attempted to get your own online business up and running only to find that you earned a few dollars, but nowhere near enough to make a full time living out of […]

Update: 3 September 2010