What you CAN do with WordPress

Being one of the most popular content publishing platforms available today WordPress has certainly come a long way since the early days of blogging.

I myself have started an in-house project called the “Job Book” which allows us to track all the current work going through Square One. This includes job details such as what’s live, awaiting a client response, whats pending etc. It also includes document storage so any emails, images or brief sheets can be included or attached to the relevant job. Individual tasks can be added to a single job, multiple collaborators can be included and as they login they are only shown the tasks assigned to them. There are even time sheets attached to a single job allowing users to add time on a job or administrators to see if a job needs flagging because the budget needs to be increased. Next part of the project will be to add the facility to issue branded quotes and ultimately invoices.

This is just our own in-house project though, it has to be said you can pretty much do anything with WordPress! Apart from make it do the dishes of course! Here are some of the things I’ve seen others do with WordPress:

  • Create a twitter like social network – see the P2 theme.
  • Create a private intranet – this requires a little coding but very possible with the restrict site access plugin.
  • Create a dropbox like document storage site – posts allow you to add media so the no brainer is to self host your own files.
  • Create a business directory – there are oodles of themes out there to allow you to do that!
  • Create your own RSS reader – with tons of rss feeds available on the web it’s quite possible to aggregate your own self hosted reader.

The list goes on… the only restriction to what you CAN do with WordPress are the limits of your own creativity.

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