To blog or not to blog, it’s your business!

Do you have a blog on your business website?

In a physical way meeting potential new clients is always a good thing because you get the opportunity to tell them exactly what you do but sometimes you just have to listen to their ideas and absorb their requirements because they pretty much know what you do anyway. This can be frustrating because you really want to shout about your business and why they should use your expertise but, time runs away, the meeting is over and you just feel that you could have sold yourself better. Having a blog allows you to broadcast information that would otherwise be missed.

Here are some ideas about how to you could use a blog to fulfil those unsold moments.

Be in the know.
Look like you are in the know with news about the latest developments in your field of expertise. If a new technique comes along and your potential clients see that you are making changes or adapting – you’ll portray you’re on top of things and it will only look good for you.

Now over to the news.
Businesses change all the time, use a blog to tell people of those changes. If you’re opening a new branch, expanding a fleet of vehicles or just secured a new contract in a supply chain – use a blog to broadcast the information.

Award loyalty.
Broadcast special offers, events or promotions. A well designed blog will have a RSS feed that users can subscribe to. This can be used as leverage to loyal subscribers who will in turn promote your blog and your business.

Keeping the conversation going.
Create conversation with visitors to your website. Google have announced Caffeine which focuses on having fresh active content on a website. Having a blog is not only a great way of adding content to your website, it also has the advantage of changing with a bonus of letting others converse by commenting, this maintains activity and keeps things changing, Google will like that on a website. Read more about Google Caffeine here.

Free advice.
Tips, tricks and advice are another great way of adding to your blog, visitors will appriciate the value of getting something for nothing, using titles that include the word ‘Free’ will also draw readers attention.

There are many other ideas and these are just a few examples of how to use a blog for your business. Maybe you have some other ideas why not tell us in the comments below.

If you would like to know how to add a blog to your existing website call us on 01242 704429.

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