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This is the art of making website pages visable to search engines. When a websites’ pages are visable to search engines then there is a high chance that the website or web pages will get better results in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The first thing to get right is the search term. Joe Bloggs is a painter and decorator and has a website with a web address Joe has submitted the website to a search engine, let say Google. After a few weeks Joe does a search for ‘jb home services’ and Joe is really impressed to get first place in Google. Hardly suprising really because the term is not exactly a competitive search term, that’s to say not a lot of websites will have the term ‘jb home services’ on their website so Joe has a fairly good chance of getting good results.

Now if the SEO is done correctly, the search term, sometimes called ‘target term’ should be researched to find out what searchers are actually seaching for. In Joe’s case the ‘target term’ might be ‘painter and decorator’ or perhaps ‘professional decorator’ or maybe ‘quality decorator’. Joe is probably restricted to how far his business will allow him to travel so the ‘target term’ might be more specific to locality. Say Joe’s business is in and around Cheltenham, the ‘target term’ might be ‘painter and decorator Cheltenham’ or ‘painter and decorator Gloucestershire’. As you can see the research can become extensive and should be done correctly.

Also to start off on the right foot, a website should be built in the correct way, for instance it is not enough to just fill a web page with pictures and graphics. A search engine predominantly needs words to match to a search term. If you were to search for the term ‘painter and decorator’ the SERPs would feed back as many pages that were relevant to the term ‘painter and decorator’. It is important to have that term correctly located in the website pages. The trick to getting the SEO right is knowing what the search engines like to see and where they like to see them.

There are also many other factors with SEO to get right and things are constantly changing It is important to keep abreast of latest developments – both with your competitor’s websites and with search engine algorithms.

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