Not everyone has a website…

Did you know that not every company has a website!!

Incredible but true! There are quite a lot of businesses out there that simply don’t see the need for a website. In fact I read a statistic recently that stated over  50% of small businesses don’t have a website.

Here’s just two reasons why they believe a website’s not necessary.

1. They use social media and therefore see no reason for a website

2. They have enough business anyway so no need to pay out for a website

So let’s look at these objections in more detail

1. They use social media and therefore see no reason for a website.

It’s very easy to get your business up on social media platforms these days and for the main part its free. However its not always easy for people to buy from these platforms. Social media is great for promoting your business but having a portal with all your information, products and services in one place makes it a lot easier for your customer.

Use your social media to drive people to your website – here you can keep them engaged and get them to sign up to your marketing list if you have one. Importantly you can track your visitors to your site,  discover which aspects of your site is popular and work out where your visitors are coming from. Most social media analytics are not as thorough as google analytics…

What would happen if Facebook or twitter or any of the other social media platforms were to disappear overnight?  Where would your business be then? What would happen if these free platforms suddenly started making a charge for you just having a presence…

Having a website means you control and own your content and are not beholden to any other organisation.

People searching for products and services use Google rather than the Facebook search field!

After a failed attempt to buy Facebook in 2010 Google has backed away from social media as a ranking factor and will always display websites over social media posts  – (with the exception of youtube that is owned by Google and Google + which is dying a slow death)

2. They have enough business anyway so why pay out for a website.

This is quite a shortsighted view in my opinion – you may have enough customers now but who knows what will happen in the future. Make yourself recession proof by building up a credible website that attracts potential customers.

Not having a website limits your business growth – why would you not want potential new customers to find you out about you?

If someone recommends a business to me the first thing I do is check out their credibility – I can’t do that if there is no website. So a simple website detailing information about the business, showing a few testimonials and having an enquiry form may be all that is needed to just push someone in to making a decision to use that company over a company with no website.

I’m guessing that behind these objections to having a website there is also an element of fear – of possibly being technically challenged and of quite frankly being ripped off!. Sadly as an admin of a large business network( Link) i do see quite a few sharks in the web industry that unfortunately give the industry a bad name. However there are good guys too! Take a look at our How to Choose a Web Agency Article for some pointers.

If you want to chat about how a simple affordable website can move your business forward then give me a call on 01242 704429….

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