IE browser testing on a Mac

How do use browser test your web designs on a Mac?

There are a few ways to test on a Mac. Some web sites give you screen shoots in various browser formats that help but, can be a little time consuming in our opinion. Pay for stand alone software that emulates a pc – can be an unnesserary expense!

How about Winebottler, a free app that let’s you run pc applications the same as a pc emulator except it’s free! Nowhere near as powerful as wvmuse but hey, you might only need to run IE right…so why pay for all the power of premium software?

Down load the installer from once you run it, it will prompt you to select which pc application you would like to run, select the version of EI you would like to install and hey presto! You’ll be running IE on your Mac in no time.

Why bother? Well there are still many more pc users out the still running older versions of IE and you don’t want them to miss out your great web design rendering properly no do you!

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