How to Optimize Your WooCommerce Store for Delivery & Pinpoint Customers’ Locations with Ease

Location delivery for woocommerce

If you operate a WooCommerce store with a local delivery service, you may become frustrated trying to locate your customers’ addresses, particularly in trading or urban housing estates during dark evenings. However, there is a perfect solution for you. The issue with addresses is that unless you are familiar with the area, your delivery person will need to do some scouting to locate the street or road, followed by additional searching for property names or flat numbers. Furthermore, if deliveries are made in the dark, it can be even more challenging to find the destination.

Imagine if your customers could drop a location marker directly on the delivery destination during checkout. They could even be on a picnic in a park or at the beach. If you had their exact location, it would not only make it easier to locate them, but your customers could also receive their delivery even if they are on the move. Now, you and your customers can easily locate their destination.

At your checkout this plugin generates a map for users and roughly marks the delivery location based on the input delivery address. However, the user can reposition the location marker directly to their desired delivery location. This is extremely useful when the delivery location is a large site. For example, instead of receiving the delivery in the middle of a car park or reception, they may want it delivered to the tradesman’s entrance. Once the location is selected, the longitude and latitude are saved with the order.

What3words is then used as a direct link on the WooCommerce order in the backend, which can then be used by your delivery person to access directions with ease via Citymapper, Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Waze.

Other features include map styles, map zoom and starting location of your map if you’re delivery starting point is different to store location which is used by default.

Here’s the plugin in action:

Note: To use this plugin you will be required to generate an Access Token with Mapbox and an API key with what3words but its easy enough and free to use as long as you don’t hit the limits per month but they are generous enough for any medium size business so we doubt you’ll hit them.