Graphic design business

The design studio is where most graphic designers begin their careers. Studios vary tremendously. They can consist of any number of designers and work in specific design areas, such as three dimensional display and corporate identity, or they can be totally non-specialist and tackle anything. Most studios have senior designers who produce designs from a given brief. The brief may come directly from the client or via the art director or account executive. Senior designers will usually have assistants, such as typographers and artworkers, who help produce the work. In other studios which are not so departmentalised, the work is spread more generally. As a Junior in a studio you will be expected to do what might seem like quite menial tasks at first. However, this early experience is essential to your development, and I would strongly recommend that you absorb as much information from those around you as possible. The pressure in a studio – assuming it is run efficiently – is due to the fact that design and production are final links in an often long chain of people. When clients decide to promote their products, for example, they will invariably be working towards a deadline. If any time is lost in the schedule of events before the job reaches the design studio, then that time has to be made up by the design team.

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