Get creative with Google+ profile image

Get creative with your Google+ profile image to reveal a hidden message…

So I was on Google+ today and I noticed something when I clicked on my profile image… it flipped to a previous profile image. That got me thinking straight away – I’m thinking lets do something creative… as always 😉

If you go to my Google profile and click on my profile image you will see the hidden message appear as the image flips. This can be used creatively for all sorts of marketing messages. Adding your contact details for instance, twitter handles, hidden messages or even just a simple gallery of images. As you can imagine you can get quite creative with it. Its worth mentioning that you can also use this on Google pages too.

Here’s how to do it.

google profile


Go to your Google profile by clicking on your profile name
edit profile

Then click on ‘Edit Profile’

change photo

Now just under your profile picture you will see ‘Change Photo’ click on this to add a new profile image.


select a photo

Click on ‘Select a photo from your computer’

Once its uploaded crop it as you wish and click ‘Set as profile photo’.

Repeat this process until you’ve uploaded all of your images bearing in mind that if you’re going to have a hidden message then your sentence must be added in reverse order.


Finally, click on ‘Your Photos’ then, click on ‘Profile Photos’


Here you will see all the images that you’ve just uploaded, select the default image for your profile and ‘Set as profile photo’.

When you’re finished click done editing and you’re good to go! All your images will be hidden underneath your default profile image with a funky flip on-click thing going on.


I’d love to see how creative you get with your profiles, so feel free to leave a comment below with your Google link so I can check them out.

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