How to crop an image with a CSS class

Published: March 9, 2013

Do you know how to crop an image with a CSS class? Let me show you how I would do it. Using CSS to crop an image is not a new thing but perhaps not common knowledge. With the use of the Positioning and Overflow properties it can be easy to achieve – using relative […]

Update: March 9, 2013

Responding quickly to the demands of clients

Published: January 13, 2013

On a Friday afternoon at about 4.30pm the phone rings in the office and a client on the other end in a very apologetic manner sheepishly asks if you could produce an advert by Monday morning for 9am. After a short conversation it becomes apparent that a copy deadline has slipped through the net for one reason […]

Update: January 13, 2013

Got any time to waste?

Published: October 6, 2012

BPay is a one stop shop for paying all your bills in Australia, they ran a competition to find the Worlds Biggest Most Awesome Waste of Time!. This is what to do with some milk crates and a few hours in a day…. probably more! Look out for the crate dragon at the end!

Update: October 6, 2012

Can’t find that image?

Published: April 10, 2012

Designers have a great resource for finding images on the web today with the likes of istock and shutterstock to name a couple. However, when you’re designing something for a the client you don’t want to download the expensive hires file just yet right? So you go for the lores comp version just as an […]

Update: April 10, 2012