Web Video and The Rise of the Motion Graphic

Since starting Bexmedia 5 years ago the online video market has changed rapidly. Motion graphics are increasingly utilised to achieve significantly increase production values.

With technology falling in price and higher quality, easy-to-use video equipment becoming more readily available we find companies are trying to differentiate their online image and message from their competition. Basic corporate video just doesnt seem to cut it as well as it once did, you either need an exceptional viral video concept or utilise even more advanced production techniques.

For the higher end of the market where the budgets are bigger, more involved concepts and filming techniques can and are used.
However, due to the fall in price for computer systems that are powerful enough to produce some great brand centred animation content with voice over (typically recorded by a voice over artist in their home studio, not expensive production facilities.) This type of video content is becoming increasingly more accessible for marketing and communications requirements with less budget.


We are also seeing certain types of niche animation concepts pop up due to leaps being made with both imagination and technology. For example, the RSAanimate series has created a demand for doing the hand drawn animations that are a powerful at communicating simple business concepts very quickly. Indeed specialist agencies created just for this type of animation appear to be growing in number as this particular concept gets more wide spread.
(Nb RSA animate and their supplier do it differently to the mass market suppliers!)

We certainly feel over the past few years that the demand for motion graphic animated content has grown both as a tool to be used in isolation and as a part of integrated video productions, and not only for the large tv networks.

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