Using Video to brief a project

One of the unique things we offer to our clients that kind of sets us apart from the competition is to create bespoke video tutorials on how to run your website once its been launched. It’s a very useful format for getting a message across and can be viewed over and over at anytime. At Square One we’ve always been the ones delivering the video presentations to our clients. Today it was the other way around – I took my first video brief that was delivered to us by the client! It was pretty darn good to be honest. By brief I mean everything that you would expect from a client before embarking on the creative, design and the functionality of a project. As well as using Video to brief a project to us a slide presentation was used to show rough mockups and illustrate the user experience. Very useful!

What are the benefits of taking a video brief? Well, in a busy studio it can be non productive to take a few hours out and drive to a meeting or indeed sit with a client to take a brief. This precious time between normal 9 to 5 working hours is better spent working up some current designs or working on some development projects with looming deadlines. Video would be the novel approach, we’re all used to watching youtube video’s or presentations via video so, why not as clients use video to create the brief.

It means I can view it in my own time which could be outside the usual 9 to 5 working day or re-watch something if I didn’t fully understand it. There maybe points that need questioning but that can be either answered in a quick email or in subsequent videos. I thought it was a really novel way of getting the requirements across to me as a designer and because I’m a highly visual person it really helped me to understand the concept and exactly what the requirements were. What are your thoughts of using video to brief in projects, have you used them before to brief to others, have you been briefed too via video?

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