Train to gain funding

We have just been made aware of a fantastic deal and we thought we’d share this with you first. How would you like to learn hands on how you can improve your website ranking? We have just found out about a 10 day course, (one day a month starting in May) which covers all the basics you need to know to improve your rankings yourself – from learning how your site is positioned, installing tools to monitor your site, keyword research, pay per click, creating a micro site, the benefits of social networking to your site, the phenomenon of Face Book and how this can help your site to selling on line – its all covered and more –  PLUS you get online support and free webinars.

All this for just £500 but – get this – you may even get it for FREE! Yes if you qualify and we believe you need to have 5 – 250 employers and operate in the Gloucestershire area then you may be eligible for Train to Gain funding. For further details on this funding contact For further details on the course and to book visit

We must point out that Square One have no financial interest in promoting this course – we just wanted to let you know it was available – you need to hurry though – we believe there are only 20 places – though they may run more if it proves to be popular which we are sure it will (You dont have to have 5 – 250 employers to go on the course – you just won’t get it for free!)

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