Top tips when choosing a designer

Not all designers are the same and choosing the right one can be a little daunting so here are some top tips when choosing a designer:

Make sure they have the ability to satisfy your needs. Do they use the latest tools and software? Do they have traditional drawing skills. Some designers specialise in a particular field like package design, 3D design or web design, some designers are good all rounders. If your needs are specific ask the question that you need to know. Can you create packaging? Do you do advertising? Do you design brochures? Can you design my web sites? Each field has it’s own particular set of disciplines that the designer will be aware of in order to make sure that things are considered correctly.

A lot of projects will almost certainly have a deadline. Make sure your designer is available to meet your deadlines and not busy on another project or on holiday at a crucial point of your project. It’s important to have the designer on tap to resolve any issues during any technical stages of a project. You may need a logo as a jpg to create a presentation or resize an advert for a late booking in a magazine. Can your designer turn these things around quickly for you?

Check out a designer’s history. This is a good sign of their ability to meet your needs. Do you need a designer that understands design for retail? Do you need a designer that needs to understand product photography or a designer that has experience of branding and logo design? Seasoned designers may have experience in many fields but some junior designers might not be so experienced . In larger agency scenarios make sure you know who is working on your project, ask to speak to them directly if you can and make sure they understand your requirements.

A good designer will have a large portfolio, take a look through and see if you like what they have designed, some designer will have a particular style that may or may not suit your needs whilst other designers have a broad style that will be varied enough to accomodate your requirements.

Much design work is won on referral and designers are proud to show this off by way of testimonials. Ask to see if they have any testimonials if they are not up on their website – or go one step further and ask if the designers doesn’t mind if you contact one of their existing clients to see what experience or service they’ve received.

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