Social Media – Facebook Or Twitter For Your Business?

You are, I am sure, familiar with social media and their potential uses for business? If you could compare Facebook and Twitter, which would you say is best for your business (assuming you use either or both for your business needs – if you don’t then you may need a bit of guidance). Well, a handy survey has been done on just this matter.

It appears that Twitter and Facebook are different (not news) and therefore have advantages depending on which facet of the platforms are used for business use (news). But what are these differences and how can they apply to your business? In a nutshell…

Each of the social media platforms have something to offer. For example, Facebook can give a better flow of a conversation and have longer lasting impact because of the “Wall” feature. Comments and other shared items stay longer. However, Twitter is better for immediate breaking news and views. So, Facebook for “connecting” and Twitter for “speed”.

But, Twitter was also judged better for search and localisation of interactions – both useful marketing tools.

There’s more…

Twitter appears to have a significant edge over Facebook because of the additional ways (through third party applications) that Tweets can be gathered, followed and manipulated. Yet Facebook was judged the winner for driving traffic to your site / product.

So, which to use? I would say both. But newcomers may wish to start with Facebook to increase exposure and traffic and then add Twitter especially if you are in the business to business market.

Mark Clayson is a professional, home business entrepreneur, mentor and speaker. Visit his Social Media Blog to find out more.

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