Small business website design

So, you own a small business and are looking for a professional website, but you’re concerned about the cost of design?

First, you’ll need to pay for the domain and web hosting, which can cost as little as a week’s worth of petrol that you’re already spending on business trips.

Then, you’ll need to have the website designed, built or coded with added functional elements such as a contact form, fancy navigation menu, and perhaps a portfolio to showcase your business. This may also involve a content management system to allow you to add, delete, or edit your website pages. For a small business, the thought of the cost of selling online and having a fully functional e-commerce website can be daunting.

Phew! It all sounds very expensive and out of reach for a small business, but it may be less costly than you think to get everything up and running. The money spent on a website should not be considered an overhead, but rather an investment in the growth of your small business.

All of our websites comply with current standards and we always consider how search engines will find them. After all, when we’re looking for a small business nowadays, how many of us turn to the yellow pages without first googling it?

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