Referral Guide

Thank you so much for being a hosting affiliate for Squareone Software – we really do appreciate it!

Here’s a few tips that might help you get those Amazon vouchers!

1. Keep your ears open!

Listen out for anyone in your social and business circle that is setting up a new business – they will generally always want a website which means they will need it hosted! Remember when they use your link they also get 20% off so you are doing them a favour. 

Things to remember to tell them

1. They get a more personal service
2. They get a quick response – and jargon free!
3. They get a free SSL certificate
4. They can join the affiliate scheme and earn money for themselves.
5. They can get business shout outs
6. They have unlimited emails and bandwidth
7. There are no hidden “extra” costs!!

Of course, it goes without saying to also listen out for people complaining about their hosting!

2. If you are business to business there’s no harm in emailing your clients with your link – after all you are giving them a gift of 20% off ( just be honest and tell them its an affiliate link!) 

3. Ditto if you have a subscribed mailing list  

4. If appropriate you could have a link on your website – why not create a page called Companies/Products  we recommend (you could always add other affiliate links there too!)

5. Use your social media accounts!

Regularly post the link on your account – saying something like:

Really pleased with the hosting service we get from If you are thinking of switching your hosting in the near future – use this link  (post your affiliate link) and we’ll both be winners – I get  20 quid and you get 20 quid off the hosting – win win!