Pip Woods London Marathon in 2011

A friend of ours has asked for our help in generating awareness for her upcoming sponsored London Marathon in 2011 – we hope you take a moment to read her words. Square One will be supporting Pip with a donation and we hope you can help her too.

Pip says:
I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. There’s nothing exceptional in that, I think it crosses most people’s mind at some point.
A marathon route used to go past my house when I was younger. It was at the 23 mile point and I’m quite sure my good intentioned encouragement was immensely irritating to the poor souls hitting “the wall”. Yet despite the state of the people running past our house my deisre to run a marathon never wained.

Needless to say, fast-forward 10 years and running a marathon was the last thing on my mind. I was more interested in beer, chips and, well, beer.

Fast-forward another 10 years and things changed. Not only had I almost had my fill of beer and chips (there’s always room for more), but something happened to reignite my desire to run a marathon, but this time it had to be the London Marathon:

In October 2007, my sister was in hospital, 24 weeks pregnant with my neice, recovering from a small bleed, when she had another bigger bleed. She had to go in for an emergency c-section and Isabella was born. She lived for 8 mins. To make things worse, my sister had to have a hysterectomy.

The upset and shock the situation caused the whole family is difficult to put into words. It was and remains truly awful.

I vowed, at the time, for Isabella and Tommy’s, (a charity that exists to save babies lives by funding research and providing information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and still birth) that I would run the London Marathon.

My time has come.
I have been lucky enough to gain a “golden bond” place for Tommy’s in the London Marathon next year.

Part of the commitment to running the London Marathon for Tommy’s is that I raise £2000. They have asked for £1000 of this by the end of the year (because they have been let down in the past by people committing to raising money but failing to do so).

This is where I rely on the good nature and generosity of you all. I will of course, be having some fund raising events, but what I am asking you to do is visit my web page www.tommys.org/pipwoods and give what you can. Every penny helps.

Thank you all.


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