Our top tips on business for 2010

It seems a while since we last updated our website – and it occurred to us that it was because suddenly (and quite probably due to the recent announcement that the recession was “officially over”) our phones have not stopped ringing and we’ve been firing out proposals and quotes left right and centre – leaving us too exhausted to put pen to paper or rather fingers to keyboard…..

We’re hoping its the same in your business. ……

But that got us thinking…Its all very well when we ‘re quiet in our business to implement new marketing strategies or attend extra networking even  but I guess the trick is to keep doing it even when you’re flat out. Now if you’re part of a large organisation that may not be a problem but if like us you are a small company or a sole trader it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with everything and the first things to go are those “extras”. It’s worth remembering though that those “extra” things you do are what probably keeps the orders coming in….

So if there’s is one very useful tip we have picked up over the last year it’s this…

Make sure you spend time on your business and not just in your business – regardless of how busy that business is at the time. Its all very easy to get bogged down with servicing clients, fulfilling orders and the basic day to day running of a business but if a business is going to survive and thrive its important to put aside regular time slots to focus on the business – whether that’s new ways of marketing, ways of improving your cash flow or your productivity, planning new products or services…..anything to keep you ahead of the game.

Our advice is to pencil out the same time every week or month, put the phones onto answer machine mode and focus on your business 100 % – we’re off to find our calendar and a pencil! –

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