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logo designAfter being asked to create a logo design for a local company that cater for cookery parties and workshops for young children, we thought this would be a good example to show how we go about designing a logo and this logo design had quite a fun element to it.

After an initial chat with the client it was decided that the logo design should include a character, be fun and appeal to both children as well as parents, the logo design should also try to appeal to girls and boys, and so may be non-gender specific.

So with a blank canvas we put pen to paper with this logo design, sometimes I dive straight into the computer if I have an idea about typography and layout of how I want something to look but with this logo design we felt that doodles and sketches needed to be applied because of the nature of the styling of the character.

Once the character was decided some type was applied…

logo design

After presentation to the client we received positive feedback. It was decided to stick to a child rather than an animal and that the character worked well with the whisk, bowl. The fact that he/she was licking lips was a good thing but from the clients point of view the eyes and hat where not quite right and the character needed to be chubbier and more comic like.  So with that feedback some developments where made…

logo design

The client was much happier with the development but still felt that the hat and the eyes were still a problem but that it was definitely on the right track. It was felt that the next stage was to ‘mac it up’ (a phrase I like to use) and the hat and eyes could be developed after the mac’d up stage.

Some tweeks where made to the logo design and then presented back to the client and the logo design was approved, here is the final logo design…

This is generally the same process with logo design but the stages can vary slight, colours may be changed or typography might change but the general process is the same.

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