Ideas and sitemapping

A professional website should always start with the ideas, you can then think about the structure. Using modern apps today we can really help the process. Last night I sat down with a client to workout how his website could be structured so, out came the iPad and using Idea Sketch, a neat little app downloadable from the Apple Store, ideas on the structure started to shape up.

If you are looking for a professional website solution you can’t really start with anything less than this.

This is a really simple way for the client to see how the site can start to come together probably in a way they hadn’t thought of before.

Not only will it give them more inspiration and confidence it will also help the development process. There is nothing worse than designing something that a client can’t actually visualise before a build only to discover that once the build is done they choose to change it. This can have a real knock on effect on the time it takes to develop something which, in turn makes for an unhappy client and we don’t want that do we!

Once these ideas were lashed out I could quite easily email this to them for their contemplation over the next coming days.

When everything is agreed we can move on to the wireframe so, watch this space for further developments.

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