And Finally Another 3 Reasons You Should Learn to Love Your Website Content Creator

The Benefits of Employing a Professional Website Content Creator

(A guest blog by Sue Kelso Ryan, Copywriter)

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3 Reasons You Should Learn to Love Your Website Content Creator

They speak your language
It’s important that your website copy sounds like you – after all, it’s you that the customer is buying from. Some organisations have a Tone of Voice document, which describes the way they want their content written. Usually “warm, friendly and approachable” will cover it.

They know the tricks of the trade
A page of clever words is one thing – readable copy is another. One trick is to break the text up into manageable chunks – the eye scans the text better. Key messages should be highlighted in bold text and images used to good effect. Copywriters are often quite skilled at presentation, too!

Copywriters create content that sells
At critical points in the content, you’ll need calls to action or CTA. Phone Elliott on 01242 704429 right now for news of great website offers – for example. Your website should tell your customers what they need to know, in a persuasive way, and then give them the contact details to take the next step to get in touch with you to learn more and discuss what you can do for them. This might be more information or a purchase, depending on your business.

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runner leaps on mountain against setting sun
No leap of faith – learn to love your website content creator

Now that you’re sold on the idea, here’s how to work with a copywriter

The brief

You’ll probably get together for a meeting and agree a brief. A brief is a list of instructions, (not necessarily short!), which forms a part of your contract. It also provides guidelines for such things as tone of voice, structure, and key facts to be included and crucially the purpose of the copy.

The design

Usually the copywriter and the website designer would get together at this point too. By sharing a wire diagram and graphics, the designer ensures that the copywriter is in tune with plans for the finished website.

The first draft

The next step tends to be a period of silence for you, the budding website owner. The website designer is designing and the copywriter is creating the first draft of the content.

Often you’ll see the first draft in the test version of the website. This is where the partnership of the designer and content creator is beneficial, as it allows you to see the finished copy in context.

Oops! – the amends

A website content creator will expect some ‘amends’ (as changes to the first draft are known) and these are usually included in the cost of their services. Read the entire website, make sure it sounds right, includes all the critical information and that key details like phone numbers and email addresses are correct.

Go live!

Once any amends are completed, the website is ready and the next step is to go live and launch it.

I hope this blog has de-mystified the process and benefits of using a professional copywriter.

Any questions?

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